that you may believe and have life – John’s Gospel

Life group notes 15 Jan 2017
John 1:29-42

Knowing, following and sharing Christ

  1. Is there someone you feel like you know even though you have never met them? Maybe a presenter, author, public figure.
  2. John the Baptist makes a surprising admission, why is it such a strange thing for him to say. What does he really mean?
    v31 and 33
  3. Who else can we think of from the gospels who would have claimed to know Jesus but fell short of truly knowing him?
  4. What was it that opened John’s eyes to Jesus’ true identity?
  5. What two things do the first disciples of Jesus do?

Truly knowing Jesus is a gift of God, it is only when the Spirit opens our eyes that we truly ‘get it’. If you want to know Jesus for yourself you might like to ask someone in your group or someone at church to pray for you.

Alternatively you may like to mention someone you would like to come to know Jesus this year.
Life Group idea
Share those names with your group and commit to praying for them together. Revisit the list again in a few months and see if God has answered your prayers.

John 3:14-21 – We must share Jesus!

Listen to the talk on John 3:14-21 from Mothering Sunday.

John 6:25-35 – True Satisfaction – The bread of life!

Listen to the talk or download it.

Life Group Notes 2 Oct 2016 – John 6:25-35

1. Is there something we aspire to own, achieve or become that we believe will truly satisfy us?

2. A crowd of people are following Jesus, but what does he say they are looking for?

The context helps make sense of Jesus’ statement – John 6:1-15 & 26

3. Do we put a lot of energy into things that are temporary? How do we know? See verse 27

4. We might be worried that it takes a lot of hard work to please God. Why is the answer to the crowd’s question in v28 such good news?

Reading Ephesians 2:8,9 may help, you could try putting it in your own words.

5. What are the parallels between Jesus and the manna from the wilderness (find out what manna is in Exodus 16)? Who does Jesus say he is and why is he better than a sign or manna? v30-35

6. Do we believe that knowing Jesus could really satisfy our deepest longings forever?

Try to imagine the perfectly result of Q1 and that you had boundless energy to enjoy it, lacked nothing and could enjoy it forever! 
Knowing Jesus is far greater than that!

For further reflection read Ephesians chapters 1-2

John 11 – Hard times & tough questions

Download or listen to this talk on Hard times & tough questions from John 11.

John 14:1-14 – Hope in the face of death

Life group notes 14 May 2017

  1. Have you ever discovered something that changed the way you look at life? Not necessarily related to your faith!

    Jesus has washed his disciples feet, ate the last supper and predicted Judas’ betrayal. Yet Jesus is not thinking about himself he has the disciples and us in mind as he speaks to them, anticipating the grief they will experience when he dies.

  2. How can Jesus really expect them not to let their hearts be troubled in the face of death? How does he try to comfort them?

  3. What does Thomas help us to discover? What does Jesus’ answer tell us about our faith and the faith of those who believe in salvation by any other route?

  4. What does Jesus say is the answer to Philip’s question? How does this give us confidence that Jesus is the only way to the Father?

  5. How is it possible that we might do greater things than Jesus did during his earthly ministry? Think about the promise Jesus makes in v15 and beyond.

  6. Why should verses 13 and 14 give us confidence as we pray? How do these verses help us understand the purpose of prayer and of our lives?

Life Group idea
Think of a way you can pray together or help the church pray during ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ 25 May – 5 June.

John 15:1-8 – A spiritual health check

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John 15:9-17 – An Invitation to joy

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Life Group notes 13 November 2016

  1. Share the most remarkable story of love between friends you have experienced or heard about?
  2. Try to imagine together what the Father’s love for the Son must be like? How is it different to our love for one another? v9
  3. What do we think of when we hear the words, you must keep my commands or do what I say?
  4. When Jesus asks us to obey his commands, it is not in order to be accepted or saved. Jesus has already done everything for us, we don’t deserve it, it is by grace. God’s undeserved favour and gift in giving his Son! v13 Why is the alternative to grace so hopeless?
  5. In what things is Jesus inviting us to share? v11, 15-17
  6. Jesus’ command to love each is a gift, but that doesn’t mean it will be easy to do. How will we be blessed if we obey Jesus’ command?

Find a practical way your group can share the love of Christ with someone else this week.

John 20:19-31 – Convinced?

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