Knowing with certainty – Talks from Luke’s Gospel

Luke’s gospel begins with these words  Luke 1:1-4:

Many have undertaken to draw up an account of the things that have been fulfilled among us, just as they were handed down to us by those who from the first were eye witnesses and servants of the word. With this in mind, since I myself have carefully investigated everything from the beginning, I too decided to write an orderly account for you, most excellent Theophilus, so that you may know the certainty of the things you have been taught.

Luke investigated eye witness accounts, of those who had seen and heard what Jesus had said and done. Luke wrote his gospel for his friend and for us, so that we might have certainty about Jesus for ourselves. We pray that by listening to these talks you may become convinced of the truth of all that Jesus said and did.

Luke 4:16-24 Bible Sunday 2016
Listen or download the talk from Luke 4 by Elaine White.

Questions from Luke 4

  1. Share a verse, book or story from the Bible that has inspired or affected you in some way.
  2. In Luke 4 who does Jesus claim the Old Testament and the Prophets were speaking about? How will knowing this help us as we read the Bible?

    See 2 Timothy 3:14-17 and 2 Corinthians 1:18-22

  3. How does Jesus continue to fulfil this prophecy from Isaiah today? You may want to speak about an experience of your own.

  4. Familiarity blinded the people to Jesus’ true identity, “isn’t this Joseph’s Son?”. We can all overlook or underestimate Jesus and often the Bible too. Share how you renew or remind yourself of your relationship with Jesus or of the value of the Bible.

  5. Read Psalm 19 and pray about how you would like the Bible to impact you each day and grow in your love for the Lord.

Luke 8:22-25 – Where is your Faith?
Watch the talk given by Ruth Boulton on from Luke 8.

Luke 15:1-10
Listen or download a talk from Luke 15, as Jesus speaks about seeking the lost.

You might like to think about these questions as you read the passage or listen to the talk.

Questions on Luke 15:1-10 from Sunday 11 Sept 2016

    1. Share or think of a time when you went looking for something that was lost.
    1. What objections might people have to us sharing our faith about Jesus?
    1. Who is Jesus telling these stories to and what had upset them so much? v1-3
    1. What encourages you about the stories Jesus told? What do they tell us about Jesus? v4-10
    1. Share your experience of being found by Jesus. If you’ve not had that experience share what has stopped you from knowing Jesus as your saviour.
    1. Find a way to celebrate the amazing news that Jesus has saved you! Think about how we might celebrate this as a church.
  1. Who do you want to speaking to about Jesus?

Luke 16:19-31 Sunday 25 Sept 2016

Listen or download the talk on Luke 16 by Ted Dew.

Questions on Luke 16

1. Do you feel rich or poor?

2. How might Jesus’ story sound simply like the rich are bad and the poor good? What was the difference between the two? Luke 16:27-31

3. How does the mans lack of generosity to Lazarus parallel his feelings toward God? What other passages on generosity could we read? e.g. James 2:15-16, Matt 6:1-4

4. Does the story from Luke 16 frighten you or make you feel thankful? Do you need to do something in response?

5. Looking at the big picture, not just the here and now, how important is the choice to repent and seek God’s grace?

6. Last week sharing God’s love and joy drove us to pray for others. What other motivation are we reminded of this week, especially praying for those who don’t know Jesus?

Pray for the Holy Spirit to move you to repent or give you opportunities to share Jesus with others.

Luke 17:11-19

Read the talk and the passage from Sunday 9th Oct 2016.

Questions on Luke 17:11-19

    1. Are you naturally thankful or prone to disappointment or ungratefulness?
    1. How does this miracle compare with what happened in Luke 5:12-16?
    1. What is the surprising outcome of the miracle? See v15,16
    1. What blessing does the man who returned receive, that the others didn’t? v19
    1. What does Jesus expect of those who have received a miracle? See v17-18. Salvation is a miracle, have we acted like the 9 men or the one who returned in our response to Jesus?
    1. If you are a Christian then you have so much to be thankful for, not just God’s daily provisions but also our new spiritual identity, life and gifts in Christ. Share some of God’s gifts that you are most thankful for?
  1. Share a practical way in which you can make giving thanks to God a daily part of your life.

Further reflection

Spend some time giving thanks to God for his goodness to you. You may want to use the words of a Psalm or read Colossians 1:1-23 for inspiration.

Luke 23:33-43

Life group notes 20 Nov 2016

Christ the King – Merciful, Sacrificial and Forgiving

    1. Think about how people react to dangerous situations? What is our instinct if we encounter something scary?
    1. What is Jesus’ reaction to those who have put him on the cross? What does it tell us about Jesus?
    1. In v35-39 Jesus is mocked and told to save himself from the cross? What would have happened if he had chosen to save himself?
    1. What does the criminal in v40-42 recognise firstly about himself and about Jesus?
    1. What does the Criminal’s request in v42 show he believes about Jesus?
  1. How do Jesus’ words in v43 challenge the way we think about death?

Give people the chance in your groups to respond in humility before Jesus, maybe ask people to stay behind if they want to ask Jesus to be their King.

Pray to God the Father to help someone you know who is unclear about who Jesus is, to see clearly and turn to him.