New Services

A story of change

In 2015 we moved from having a weekly Communion service to a monthly service. To some that may seem like a step backwards, yet when you come you see what a boost this change has brought. An otherwise dwindling service has now been revitalised and become a place of encouragement and refreshment. The service concludes with a time in Aston’s Tearooms for people to share was is happening and reflect on the service over a drink or two. This time after the service can be just as significant as our time in church as we meet in the way the first church would done 2000 years ago.

An exciting time

As a church we have been prayerfully considering a trial of new services for almost a year. The discernment process has involved prayer, listening and sharing the things that people appreciate about what we already have. Now we are approaching the time when our hopes and prayers become a reality and it is exciting.

3 reasons why we have to change

These new services are a direct result of our vision to ‘share the love and joy of knowing Christ’. The services were a natural development of our desire to be more united as a church, to have opportunities to serve one another and share him with others. Here are 3 of the most significant factors behind the change.

1. Unity

Unity is at the very heart of our faith, God is Father, Son and Holy Spirit, three persons united in love. So as a church and the children of God, we were brought into one body, one family. The Parochial Church Council (PCC) feel that we can best demonstrate our unity with services which allow us to all meet together at some point. Moving to a single service would have made it impossible to accommodate the different styles of service we enjoy. So moving to two new services allows us to recognise and celebrate our diversity in terms of style whilst drawing us together as one. So we will be having a breakfast gathering where we can eat, encourage and share life together. United as one, yet maintaining a diversity in our services.

2. Serving

As we meet together and get to know one another more, we will discover the ways in which we can serve and help one another. We will also learn more about the community in which we live and how we can serve and share the love of Christ with our friends, neighbours and family too.

3. Sharing

Our new services will also allow us to share the things God is doing in our lives, the highs and the lows. It is as we share the impact that Jesus has in our lives with each other, that we will learn to speak about Jesus in everyday conversation and with greater confidence. This will give us the confidence of sharing what God is doing with others and inviting them to discover him for themselves. Having two distinct services, one formal and one informal will also make it easier for us to invite people to come along.

Joyful change

These new services will be a time of real joy, as we serve God and one another together. For some this will mean a real adjustment, yet we are making these changes for the sake of the wider church family and community. So from Harvest Sunday (Oct 2nd) till the end of February, we will be having two new services and a breakfast gathering.

 New services

The new 9am Holy Communion

The first of our new services will be a formal, reflective service with a traditional feel, including familiar hymns and liturgy. We will be introducing the screen to help those who cannot read smaller print, this will also make it easier for those who are unfamiliar with what is happening to join in.

Our Breakfast Gathering at 10:10am

This breakfast will be open to everyone and bring the members of both services and any guests together. This is the first time that the whole church will come together on a regular occasion and so it is really exciting! There will be plenty of new faces to get to know and people to speak to. I’m interested to see just how much food we are going to need!

The new 10:45am Informal Service

Our second service begins with the breakfast gathering and moves into an informal service with a blend of contemporary and traditional live music. There will be provision for people of all ages and will be more interactive and involving than the 9am.

You are invited to join us

If you are reading this then you are invited to join us for the start of something special, beginning on the 2nd of October, Harvest Sunday. Join us at 9am or 10:10am for breakfast. Or come for breakfast and stay for our 10:45 service.

If you would like to see the results of our questionnaire that went out at church and through our magazine you can take a look here.