Well done! You completed the trail and here is your treasure

Well done for exploring our Nativity treasure trail.

Did you find all 8 scenes?

1. The Angel Gabriel and Mary

2. Joseph and the Angel 3. Journey to Bethlehem 4. A strange place for the King 5. The Shepherds and the Angels 6. The Shepherds go to find Jesus 7. The Wise Men, Stars & Gifts for a King 8. The Greatest Gift

Answers to the Quiz

Question 1 Who told Mary the good news about baby Jesus? 

Answer – The Angel Gabriel.

Question 2 What did the angel say the baby would do?
Answer – He would rescue everyone.

Question 3 – How far was it to Bethlehem?
Answer – 30 Miles.

Question 4 – Who usually stayed in the room Jesus was born in?
Answer – Animals like Donkeys and Sheep.

Question 5 – How would they know they had found Jesus?
Answer – He would be 
wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger.

Question 6 – Who were the first people to tell everyone the good news about Jesus?
Answer – The Shepherds.

Question 7 – How did the wise men find Jesus?
Answer – They followed a star.

Question 8 – What is the Nativity story all about?
Answer – 
It is the true story of how God came to be with us.

Something to make – A Nativity mobile
To make your mobile you will need:

  • The mobile printable
  • scissors
  • string or thread
  • pens or crayons
  • two straws, sticks or twigs
  • tape

How to make the craft:

Print out the craft, cut out the pictures and colour them in. Cut some string to hang each one from your straw or twigs. Use some more string to tie the two straws/sticks or twigs together, leaving some extra at the top with a loop to hang it all up. Then tie a string on each end and use the tape to attach the string to each picture. You can hang the last picture from the middle.

While you are making the mobile you could see if you can tell the Christmas story to each other.

Thanks to ministryark.com for this lovely craft.

Nativity mobile craft

Something to look forward to – a calendar for 2021

Get a free calendar for 2021 from the Bible Society.

Bible society Calendar for 2021
Free Bible Society 2021 calendar

Something to watch

Here is the Nativity told in a rhyme.