Nativity Treasure Trail - Scene 1

Well done for finding our Nativity Treasure Trail.

Click here to download the map Follow the story below and and see if you can do the activity.

Start at any of the scenes or follow the story from the start. Make it all the way to the end to find the treasure.

1. The Angel Gabriel and Mary​

From the very beginning, people were waiting for the day when God himself would come and make his home with us. The prophets talked about it, and all of Israel waited for his arrival. They waited and waited, days, months, years and centuries passed. When would the day come they wondered? And then God spoke, it was time for his plan to be set in motion, as God’s messengers set out to share the amazing news.

It was the 6th month, in a plain little Israeli town of white-washed houses surrounded by fields, a place called Nazareth. Here a young woman named Mary was getting on wither daily life and preparing to get married to a man named Joseph.

God’s messenger approached to announce the good news. Angel Gabriel greeted Mary. “Mary it is good to see you! You have made God smile. You have won the highest of honours! The Lord God is with you.”

Mary was afraid – what was this all about? So the Angel Gabriel continued: “Don’t be frightened Mary –  God has a surprise for you. You are going to have a baby son. He is the One that everyone is waiting for – God’s King, the Son of God.”

Mary asked, “How will this be, since I am not married yet? 
Angel Gabriel replied, “The Holy Spirit will come over you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you. The Lord God is His Father.”
Mary trusted God and agreed to God’s plan, “I am the Lord’s servant and I shall be glad to do whatever God wants.”

Quiz – Question 1

Who told Mary the good news about baby Jesus?

You can find the answers to our quiz and the treasure at the end of our trail at Scene 8.