Nativity Treasure Trail - Scene 2

Well done for finding our Nativity Treasure Trail.

Click here to download the map Follow the story below and and see if you can do the activity.

Start at any of the scenes or follow the story from the start. Make it all the way to the end to find the treasure.

2. Joseph and the Angel

Joseph was a good man, a carpenter. When he heard the news about Mary having a baby, he didn’t think they could get married anymore. He did not want to shame her, but quietly bring an end to their plans to be married. But God had other plans and wanted Joseph to be the baby’s step dad. That night, when Joseph was sleeping, an angel appeared in Joseph’s dream and said: 
“Joseph, Joseph, do not be afraid. Take Mary as your wife. She is going to have God’s very own Son. Call the baby, ‘Jesus’ – He is the One everyone has been waiting for – He is the very One who will rescue everyone.”

Joseph awoke with new hope, a changed heart and new resolve. He married Mary, as the angel had told him to, and took care of her.

Quiz – Question 2

What did the angel say the baby would do?

You can find the answers to our quiz and the treasure at the end of our trail at Scene 8.