Nativity Treasure Trail - Scene 7

Well done for finding our Nativity Treasure Trail.

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Start at any of the scenes or follow the story from the start. Make it all the way to the end to find the treasure.

7. The Wise Men, Stars and Gifts for a King

On another night, God nudged the brightest star and sent it floating across the night sky. Who would look up and see? Not locals, but people far away in the East noticed God’s signal. They knew that this new star meant one thing, that God’s King had been born.

The wise men decided to go and find the new king: “We need to find the new king, to bow down to Him and give Him our gifts.”  The wise men packed their bags and set off to find the King. It was a long journey, travelling over hills, through valleys, woods, fields and towns following the star, until at last they arrived in Bethlehem. The bright light of the star filled them with joy, and they followed its spotlight until they found the place where Mary, Joseph and Jesus were staying. They came in and bowed down to the boy and gave Him their gifts: “I offer you gold, fit for a king. I offer you frankincense, a beautiful scent pleasing to God. I offer you myrrh, a soothing ointment.”

Quiz – Question 7

How did the wise men find Jesus?

You can find the answers to our quiz and the treasure at the end of our trail at Scene 8.