Nativity Treasure Trail - Scene 8

Well done for finding our Nativity Treasure Trail.

Click here to download the map Follow the story below and and see if you can do the activity.

Start at any of the scenes or follow the story from the start. Make it all the way to the end to find the treasure.

8. The Greatest Gift

So just like you, all the visitors will travel home having seen Jesus, they were never the same again. They knew in their hearts that they had met Jesus, God with us. We hope you have met the real treasure of our trail, Jesus. The nativity is not an imaginary story from long ago, but a true story about God coming to be with us. Everyone who met Jesus had their lives changed, Mary and Joseph, the Shepherds and the Kings. So don’t forget this Christmas, Jesus is the greatest gift and he wants to be with you today! Jesus has come to invite us into his family, not to live in a stable but to live with God now and forever.

Quiz – Question 8

What is the Nativity story all about?

All the answers to our quiz and the treasure are near by, find the code near this final scene.

Well done!

You have made it to the end of our Nativity Treasure Trail, find another code near the scene for your treasure or follow this link.
If you haven’t visited the other scenes use the map above to find them and come back here at the end.