Stories about the Bible in people's lives.

Reasons to believe in the power of the Bible

Here is a story about how the Bible to changes lives,  first published by the Bible Society and you can find more stories, resources and ways to engage with the Bible on their website.

‘When you are at home, there’s a structure. When you are at university, that foundation isn’t there. I was on my own. There were new influences, new ways of thinking. So I was looking for a bit of a foundation. The Bible gave me an anchor without me realising it. My parents were living abroad so I needed some kind of truth and anchor in my life that I could trust in, something certain that wasn’t about popularity or appealing to people or fun. There was a lot of pressure to be popular and to be having fun. It was great fun, but it was also a bit hyped up. When I have to make a big decision I don’t go to the Bible for a yes or no answer. But reading the Bible is more about re-focusing my perspective and priorities and bringing that back to God’s plans. That’s really helped me at big life moments. I got married three years ago. We knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together, but I was wrestling with the question about whether it was the right time and wanted to get it right before God. I read Ecclesiastes 3 about there being “a time for everything” and that helped me make the decision. It was about giving God my decision. That was freeing, it made me feel joyful. It takes some figuring out. You have to wrestle with it and engage with it but you know it holds the truth, not a truth, and so that gives you certainty.’

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