Our mission is to:
Love God, Love Others, Make Disciples

Which comes from the great commission in Matthew 28:19, and the greatest commandment in Matthew 22:37-39.

Our Vision

We want to live our whole lives for our Heavenly Father. Sharing Jesus, praying and growing in faith, by the power of the Holy Spirit. Through Jesus we will love and care for all, promoting justice, so that we become the heart of the community. A welcoming church where all are represented and valued.

Our Values

Living for God – Whole life worship
Learning to see every waking moment of our lives as a chance to worship and live for God our Father, as well as gathering to celebrate and honour Jesus together through a broad range of services, supporting each other as we live for God.

Building Community – Fellowship
Building each other up in Jesus, using our God given gifts to serve others. As we play a central role in our community, providing safe, welcoming and diverse opportunities for people to encounter and discover Christ.

Loving, Caring and promoting Justice
Loving and caring for one another, for our community and seeking justice. Praying and acting to help those in need.

Trusting God in Prayer
Helping one another to trust God, to give Him thanks and praise. To lay all of our lives, concerns and needs before God in prayer. Praying to our Father God in times of joy and pain, alone and with others.

Growing as Disciples
To enable people to become disciples, and to grow as fully devoted followers of Jesus. Seeking to listen to Jesus everyday though the Bible and prayer and encouraging one another so that we continue to grow as disciples of Christ.

Proclaiming Christ
Boldly and creatively proclaiming the good news of Jesus, with everyone near and far. Speaking about Jesus and how knowing him has changed our lives.

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