What’s in a logo?

Netflix recently changed it’s logo and left people asking why? As a church we have different opportunities to communicate what we are about, and we’ve been reflecting on why we exist and how to represent that with words and with a logo.Logo small blue

‘Sharing the love and joy of knowing Christ’

Christ is central

A logo can’t sum up all of our vision , but we hope it reflects two elements that are crucial to all we do. The first of which has to be Jesus! We want to be focused on Jesus Christ, we want to know him and we want to share him with others! In too many homes today Jesus is either over shadowed by Santa or a swear word, even though he has transformed the world and displayed a love more powerful than anyone else who has ever lived. So at the heart of our logo is a cross, and the cross is a symbol of just how costly Jesus’ love was. The cross could symbolise death and it does remind us that Jesus died on the cross for us. Yet it is an empty cross because Jesus rose to life, and in so doing offers us new life  through him. So it’s not surprising that Jesus has to be at the heart of everything we do and that we think he’s worth sharing and shouting about!

A reminder of the past for the present

If you go through Willaston at the very centre of our community you will see a Millstone, it is a reminder of the past and the history of Willaston as a place of farming and production. It is a focal point and that is our second desire. Knowing Jesus moves us to consider how we can love others, especially when it is costly. For us the Millstone is a reminder that we can’t wait for people to come to us, but we need to be with them making a real difference in our community. A difference marked by our the love and joy we find in Christ. We want to serve you and share the love of Christ with you, who ever you are.


Why do it? Well it all goes back to Jesus, we love because he first loved us. Jesus showed a love so great that it brings life and flows out to others too. So the next time you look at our logo, I hope you see that Christ is at the centre of all we do and that’s why we long to love and serve you and help you to know the joy that comes from Christ.     

So let’s pray that we would have the confidence to go out and share the love and joy of knowing Christ through every part of our lives!